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The Petition 2023

In November 2023 the El Hiblu 3 pre-trial hearings have come to a close. The Attorney General issued a harsh and ill-thought Bill of Indictment against the three young men. At this stage the Attorney can still drop the charges. We thus reiterate our demand that all charges be dropped and the trial be dismissed immediately – once and for all! Instead of being prosecuted, the El Hiblu 3 should be celebrated for their actions in preventing the return of 108 people to Libya. Signatories are convinced that the imprisonment and prosecution of the El Hiblu 3 constitute a deep injustice. We call on the Attorney General to end this nightmare of uncertainty and legal limbo for the three young men. It is high time to drop the charges. Sign the petition here:
Help us support our work: Go Fund Me Fundraiser:

The Fundraiser 2024

Since 28 March 2019 - almost five years now - and with the help of many supporters we are advocating, mobilising and informing the public about the injustice against the three young men. We met the pope, we published books, monitor the trial and many documentaries about the case. In order to continue our work and document the injustice against the three please help us fund our work. All donations will go to travels, publication, meetings, merchandise and direct support, such as school materials for the three young men. Help us support our work: Go Fund Me Fundraiser:

oPEN letteR 2022

When the prosecution against the El Hiblu 3 rested its case in fall 2022 we started an open letter to collect signatures to demand the Attorney General to drop the charges once and for all. We are demanding once again that the authorities drop all charges against Abdalla, Amara and Kader. Until the September 26, 2022 at 12 noon over 1.000 individuals, networks and organisations signed the open letter which was then delivered to the Attorney General and published on 28 September, marking 3.5 years after the El Hiblu 1 arrived in Malta. Initiatives, Organisations African Media Association Malta Afrique-Europe-Interact Kassel AISO Records All Included Amsterdam Amnesty International Amnesty International Augsburg Anti-Poverty Forum Malta Arbeitskreis Asyl Cuxhaven e. V. ASGI Association for Justice, Equality and Peace BLM Malta Blue Door English borderline-europe Border Violence Monitoring Network Cases Rebelles Collective Churches´Commission for Migrants in Europe CCME Creative Arts Therapies Society - Malta Dance Beyond Borders Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation Diakonie Leinefelde D.ID Dance Identity Creative Arts Therapies Society - Malta Europe Must Act European Council for Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) Extinction Rebellion Malta Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research, Athens Fluechtlingsrat Berlin e.V. Fluechtlingsrat Hamburg e.V. G.F.C. Generation for Change CY Helferkreis Asyl Worms Humanists Malta Inizjamed Integra Foundation Iuventa-Crew JRS Malta Justice and Peace Commission (Archdiocese of Malta) Kein Mensch ist illegal Kopin LabourNet Germany LE KIOSK #LeaveNoOneBehind Legal Clinic on Migration and Asylum - Roma Tre University Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement Mare Liberum Medical Volunteers International e.V. medico international Mediterranea Berlin e.V. Mediterranea Paris Mediterranea Saving Humans Mediterranea Saving Humans Barcellona Men Against Violence MFH Bochum Migrant Solidarity Network Migrant Women Association Malta Migrantifa Berlin Migrants Commission, Malta Migration Control Info Project Migreurop Mission Lifeline e.V. Modeltoys ltd Moviment Graffiti Muslim Peace Fellowship M.V. LOUISE MICHEL Network for the Social Support to Refugees and Migrants, Athens/Greece No Lager Osnabrueck OASI Foundation Ökumenisches Netzwerk Asyl in der Kirche NRW e.V. Peace and Good Foundation Peng e.V. Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM) Principle 17 PRO ASYL Progress Lawyers Network r42-sailtraining - sail and rescue RAAH Refugee Council Schleswig-Holstein - Germany Refugees in Libya RESQSHIP e.V. MOAS Malta Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario Safe Passage Foundation Sea-Eye e. V. Sea-Watch Seebrücke - Schafft sichere Häfen Seebrücke Frankfurt am Main Seebrücke Kiel Seebrücke Mannheim Shadeena Entertainment SKOP (Solidarjetà u Koperazzjoni) Soroptimist International Malta SOS Humanity SOS Malta Spark 15 Statewatch Sudanese migrants association in Malta Swiss Democratic Lawyers (DJS-JDS-GDS) Team Humanity Norway The Civil Fleet news blog and podcast The Critical Institute United4Rescue Voice for African Migrants Volt Malta Vreerwerk Watch the Med Alarm phone We‘ll Come United Welcome to Europe Willkommen in Olten Young Progressive Beings Zusammenleben Willkommen MS Individuals A. Velichkova Aaliyah Tolloy Aaron Attard Aaron Clark Abigail Davey Abou Bakar Abel Rogers Achille Ngongang Adam Ostolski, University of Warsaw Adri van den Berg Adrian Buckle Adrian Cardona Adrian Grima Adrian Xuereb Archer Adiam Tewelde Aleks Farrugia Aleksi Virtanen Alex Hamilton Alexander Borg Alexander Calleja Zammit Alexander Vella Gregory, Dr. Alexandra Cachia Alexandra Said Alexandra Schenke Alexia DeBono, Volt Malta Co-President Alia Schammer Alicia Mohip Alieu Bojang Aline Demetz Alisa Butscher Alisa Mulic Alison Cilia Werdmolder Alison Vere Alistair McKeown Álvaro Pérez Amadou Diallo Amanda Garzia Amani Mohammed Amber Daly Amewu, Artist Amy Galea Amy Marie Abela, Moviment Graffitti Ana Carolina Sarmento Ana Ferreira Anders Heber Anders Ribu Andre Giordimaina Andrea Blagojevic, Bosnian Andrea Finkel, Amnesty International Andrea Saliba Andreana Dibben, University of Malta Andreana Gellel Andreana Kostopoulou Andrew Baldacchino Andrew Borg-Cardona Andrew Borg Wirth Andrew Darmanin Andrew Sammut Angela Caruana Angela Caponnetto Angela Demarco Angela Maria Bernardini Angele Deguara, Dr. Angelos Milidonis Anissa Duffourg Anja Moser Anja Ringhofer Anjuli Jebanesan Ann Demarco Ann Elisabeth Tandstad Ann-Cathrin Schneider Anna Azzopardi Anna Calleja Anna Camilleri Anna Carastathis, Feminist Autonomous Centre for research Anna-Katharina Heuschen Anna Khakee Anna Kober Anna Lena Bellaaj Anna Maria Cutajar Anna Maurer Anna Muscat Annabelle Farrugia Annalise Ebejer Anne Frisius, Cooperativa Film Anne Jørgensen Anne M. Nordeng Anne Møller Anne Reil Anne Siri Eriksen Anne-Merethe Kofstad Annelise Berger Annett Preissler Annette Kotorri Annhild Tofte Annika Beil-Myhre Annika Gollcher Annika Siegmund Anika Kaiser Anthony Bonnici Antoine Gambin Anton D'Amato, Fr. Antonella D'Avanzo Antonio Dato Armin Kammrad Arnas Lasys, Volt Malta Co-President Arno Matthias Arnold Cassola Åsa Sjøberg Ashleen Micallef Aslaug Goffeng Astrid Korssjøen Astrid Rafteseth Astrid Renland Astrid Sørgjerd Athanase Contargyris Atle Næss Ava Mullen Awet Tesfaiesus, Member of German parliament, Green party Axel Fjeld Bahjat Al Mostaf Baradji Hawa Barbara Regling Barbara Stock Bendik Johannessen Benedikt Kern, Netzwerk Kirchenasyl NRW Bengt Leiv Eriksen Berit Hove Larsen Berit Loe Berit Olette Nore Bernadette Grama Bernard Cauchi Bernd Schulz Beth Archer Bethan Richards Bibi Ergin Bizuayehu Castaniere Bjorg Sirevag Bjorn Edvin Eriksen Brandon George Vella Brian Camilleri Brigitte Mittler Burkhard Lang C. Abel C. Mattocks Camila Vélez Camilla Hoeeg Camille Gendrot, Paris 1 University Camilla Ulsakerhaugen Carald Vella Carina Lange Carla Francesca Gatt Carlo Caprioglio, Roma Tre University Carlo De Marco Carmel Xuereb Carmen Ellul Carmen Gatt Carmen Gatt Carmen Sammut Caroline Günther Caroline Mercieca Caroline Morales Carrie Mackinnon Caterina Cattaneo Catherine Desira Cathrine Havgar Cavidan Soykan Cecilia Martin Cecilia Zammit Endrich Cecilie Cottis Østreng Cecilie Torgersen Cedric Farrugia, YMCA Malta Celia Sachs Ċetta Mainwaring, University of Glasgow Chakib Zidi, Artist Chantelle Debattista Charles Heller, Border Forensics Charlotte Vestli Charlotte Wengner Charmaine Cutajar Chiara Leone Ganado Chiara Pettenella Chiara Raiti Chris Grodotzki Christa Callus Christabelle Borg Christiane Schmidt Christin Kramprud Christina Lohm Christine Cassar Christine Dimech Christine Jalang'o Christopher Knickerbocker Christopher Vella Claire Azzopardi Lane, Dr., University of Malta Claire Rimmer Clara Muscat Claria Cutajar Claudia Omoregie Claire Bear Clare Daly, Member of the European Parliament Clare Degiorgio Clemens Ledwa, Mission Lifeline Clemens Nagel Colacel Raluca Colin Calleja, Prof., Faculty of Education University of Malta Connie Gili Connie White Corey Robinson Corinne Gerber Corinne Vella Cornelia Ernst, Member of the European Parliament Cornelia Schmidt, Sea-Watch e.V. Costanza Lomaglio Covadonga Bachillier Lopez Cristina Abela Cristina Agius Cynthia Byrne, Amnesty International Damian Boeselager, Member of the European Parliament, Volt Europa Damien Carême, Member of the European Parliament Dana Snell Dan Danielsen Daniel Cauchi Daniel Hili Daniel Mainwaring, Association for Justice, Equality and Peace Daniela DeBono, University of Malta Daniela Güdel Daniela Peuckert Darius Reinhardt, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany Darren Fava Darrin Zammit Lupi Darryl Paul Magro David Alvarez, Grand Valley State University David Beldecchino David Camilleri David Collins David Curtis Taggart David Farrugia, Zghazagh Haddiema Nsara David Mifsud David Oliver Yambio David Saliba David Schembri David Zammit, Dr., University of Malta Faculty of Laws Davina Schembri Davina Ellul Sullivan Deanna Dadusc, University of Brighton Delicia Farrugia Denise Falzon Denise Grech Denitsa Maricova Devi Leiper OMalley Devon Hazel Dietmar Köster, Member of the European Parliament Dinah Lee Ciantar Dolores Karina Karlsen Domènec Ruiz Devesa, Member of the European Parliament Dominik Kalweit, Kopin Dominik Meyer Dora Rebelo Dorianne Caviedes Diaz Doris Peschke Doro Buchweitz Duilio Donfrancesco E. Gundersen E. Köchling Edith boffa Eilidh McGowan Eirin Smeberg Elaine Micallef Elea Foster Eleanor Mifsud Elena Borg Elena Calleja Elena Giacomoni Elena Maria Galea Elena Pisapia Elena Yudina Eleonora Testi Elin Mosbakk Elisabeth Fjellbirkeland Elisabeth Grima Elisabeth Hermosa Elisabeth Voß Elise Klouman Elizabeth Grech Elle Bonello Azzoppardi Ellen Brodersen-Hval Ellen Margrethe Budde Else Kristin Hilde Krogh Elyes Abid Emily Galea, Young Progressive Beings Emma Grixti Emma Portelli Bonnici Emma Mattei Emma Micallef Emmanuel Camilleri Endre Vastveit Enrica Rigo, University of Roma TRE Erik Marquardt, Member of the European Parliament Erna Schleiermacher Esther van de Ridder Etinosa Erevbenagie-Johnbull, Generation for Change CY Eva Lutter Eva Rennings Eva Schade Eva van Rennings Evelyn Kennenwood F. Halbert Farah Kurji Farah Tiderman Fatima A Faye Theuma Felic Micallef Felicitas Wilcke Fiona Cauchi Florence Grover Florinda Camilleri Frances Cafferty Francesca Borg Costanzi, JRS Francesca Cancellaro Francesca Falzon Francesca Galea Francesca McClean Francesca Zammit Francis Calleja Francis Valletta Francois Zammit Frank Piscopo, Repubblika Frans Cassar Freddy Fjellheim Friederike Müller Gabriel Chetcuti Gabriel Pace Gabriele von Wahlert, Dr. med. Gary Mickle Gazelle Pezeshkmehr George Camilleri Georg Litty George Zarb Gerber Laurin Gerd Youmans Gergely Barta Gesine Eckerlin Gillian Balani Giulia Magri Giulia Solero Giulia Tranchina Giuliana Fenech, University of Malta Grace O'Sullivan, Member of the European Parliament Gry Skogland H. Lichtenberg Hagen Kopp, Alarm Phone Hannah Parry Hannah Wandhoff Hans Christoph Hudde, Amnesty International Hans Kristian Raabe Harpal Singh Sandhu Hasan Karabulut Håvard Femtehjell Hazal Yiksel Heather McNamara Heidi Solberg Helen Deffner Helen Kummer Helen-Mari Karlsen Helena Neumann Helena Schellhammer Herman Grech Herwig Putsche Helmut Dietrich Hilde Hasselberg Hillary Barmby Holger Berg, Dr. Iasonas Apostolopoulos, SAR coordinator, Mediterranea Saving Humans Ida Drugg Ida Landsverk Idriss Maghiouzi Ilona Diefenbach Imanuel d'Anjou Ina Eines Imke Behrends Ines Böser Ingelin Langseth Inger Ellen Kolbjørnsen Inger Johanne Dahl-Polias Inger-Lise Gabrielsen Ingjerd Yousef Ingo Werth Ingrid Vogsland Ingunn Østby Holsen Irene Attard Irene Sorli Irene Tabone Irmgard Mersch Isaac Astill Isaac Buttigieg Isabella Bianco Ismaael Darmanin Ivan Attard Ivan Ellul J. Kolbrek Jacob Grech James Debono James Kath, Artist, AISO records Jan Frantz Jane Chapman Janica El-Naser Grech Spiteri Jessica Muscat Jessica Worley Jimmy Bonnici, Fr Janine Sultana Janne Heltberg Jasmin Bystry Jasmina Dietrichs Jasminder Odusanya Jean-Paul De Lucca, University of Malta Jean Claude Decelis Jean Ebejer Jean Portanier Jeannine Vassallo Jelka Kretzschmar Jennifer Crowe Jenny Gardke Jeremy El Naser Grech Jessica Worley Joachim Poggenklaß, Ft. Joan Rita zammit Joanna Bjerga Joanna Ciantar Joanna Demarco Joanna Muscat Joanna Sandbæk Joanna Zingariello Joanne Cassar Jocelyne Martinez Johann Wiede Johanna Maria Keulers John Muscat John Torpiano Jon Olsen, Green Party, US Jon Rosenberg Hagen, Press/Media Jonas Wortmann Jonathan Becker Jonathan Garzia Jorunn Tangen Joseph Fenech Joseph Grima Joseph M Camilleri Josiane Cunen Joy Miller Juan Escribano Judith Sunderland, Human Rights Watch Juha Airola Juli Wind Julia Alegre Mouslim Julia Camilleri Julia Grahner Julia Hartmann Julia Kirmes-Daly Julia Steenpaß Julia Zelvenska Julian Pensel Julie Galea Julie Matzeit Julienne Schembri Jussi Valanki Justine Cutajar Kai Anders Kåre Alme Karen Anna Borresen Karen Mamo Kari-Anne Søreng-Stensrud Kari-Anne Thu Karin Assion Karl Camilleri Karl-Heinz Zulkowski-Stüben Karl Schembri Karolina Rugle Karsten Xuereb Kassandra Mallia, Volt Malta Katarzyna Niewczas Kate Thompson Katharina Mair Kathrin Oppe Kathrin Röll Kathrin Schmidt Kathrin Schödel, University of Malta Katrin Böhme Kathy Gates Katie Ryan Katrin Glatz Brubakk Katryna Samut Tagliaferro Kerem Schamberger, medico international Kees Hudig Kevin Cassar Kevin Micallef Kim Abela Kim Lippe Kira Smith Kiran Borg Kirsten Brincat Kirsten Ribu Kirsten Rødnes Kirstin Sonne, Blue Door English Kirsty Borg Knut Bry Knut Laasbye Konstantinos Bakoulis Kristin Eisele Kristin Krogh Kristin Leifsdatter Kristina Abela Kristina Borg, Artist and educator Kristina Leone Ganado Kristina Vella Kristine Bonnici Kurt Markham Kurt Raster Kylie Mallia Kyron Cassar Lamin Kamaso Lamin Saidi Lana Berty Spiteri, Extinction Rebellion Malta Lara Bezzina, Independent Consultant Lara Caruana Laila Henriksen Larissa Dreh Lars Vangdal Tveisme Laura Swale Laura Zahn Lea E. Lea Sutter Leandros Catania Leeamaria Välitalo Leif Gabrielsen Leïla Bodeux Lena Hilbrecht Lena Ronge Lene Bomann-Larsen Lene Glosimot Leonie Jantzer Leonie Gormanns Lian van Schaik Libera Palmeri Lies Michielsen Liliana Massetti Lill-Katrin Dahn Lillan Osten Lilly Jöckel Lilly Roev Lina Urbat Linda Karlsson Linda Klamann Line Halstad Line Møller Linn Eskedal Lisa Fabig Lisa Grech Lisa Schwarz Lise Greger Hagen Liv Børresen Liv Paus Krebs Live Sunniva Smidt Liza Caruana-Finkel Lizzie Eldridge Lorenzo Pezzani, Border Forensics Lorna Muscat Lorraine Caligari Lotta Zipp Lou Ghirlando Louise Chircop Louise Thatcher Luca Vogel Luisa Knobloch Luke Azzopardi Lya Zwicky Madeleine Deruyver Madeleine Park Maggie Heraty Mai Bente Kvinge Mal Élevé, Artist Malcolm Attard Malin Nilsen Manuel Camilleri Manuel Fenech Manuel Figeac Marceline Naudi, University of Malta Marcelle Bugre, University of Malta Marcelle Zanya Bugre Marco Greco Margaret Cachia Margaret Quintano Margerita Pule Margit Steinholt, Norway Margriet Homan Margot Gabriele Schnabel Marguerite Lemée-Benatar Mari Hagli Maria Borg maria borg Maria Borg Vella Maria Braig Maria Bugeja Maria Cosentino Maria Dolores Cassar Maria Ellul Maria Fahr Maria Fratescu Maria Grech Maria Grech Ganado Maria Lazarou Maria Mangion Maria Mercedes Zamora Maria Pace Maria Pisani, University of Malta Maria Serrano, Amnesty International Maria Sonnek Maria Theuma Maria Wasvik Mariana Koch Marianne Amoh Marianne Carstensen Marianne M Robertsen Marica Bugeja Marie Claire Gatt Marie Claire Testa Marie Louise Cilia Marie Louise Vella Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President Emeritus of Malta Marija Cauchi, Dr. Marija Vella Marija Zahra Marilyn Clark Marilyn Fearon Marilyn Psail Mario Gerada Mario Mallia Marion Bayer Marion Peuckert Marit Blesvik Falch Marit Heltne Marit Nedkvitne Mark Billing Mark Dougan Mark Scerri Marloes Arbouw Marta Alfós Marta Alice Werthim Marta Gionco, PICUM Marthese Bonanno Marthese Formosa Martin Pisani Martin Reck Martin Schönefeld Martina Baumann Martina Camilleri Mary Grace Vella, University of Malta Mary McKeown Mary Pace Mary Rose Bonello Mary Rose Zammit Maryam Madar Matthew Attard Matthew Bonanno Matthew Mifsud Bobnici Matthew Saverio Chircop Matthew Scerri Matthias Maier, Seebrücke Frankfurt Matthias Schrimpf Matthias Wagner Mattia Ferrari, Don, Mediterranea Saving Humans Maureen Cole Maurice Stierl, Alarm Phone Max Loch Maya Aarohi Meb Ghirmay Melanie Blair Melanie Vella Melanie Weber Melinda Conrad Merlind Sauerland Michael Boffa Michael Fenech Michael Grech Michael Röder Michael Zerafa Michaela Camilleri Michela Cremona Michela Farrugia Michel Camilleri Michelle Cassar Michelle Richards Mick Wallace, Member of the European Parliament Mieke Van den Broeck, avocate Miguel Azzopardi Miguel Cachia Mikaela Galea Mike Azzaoui Milos Djordjevic Miranda Pugh Miriam Consiglio Miriam Spindler Miriam Susan Weis, Andreasgemeinde Malta Mohammed Ahmad Mohamed Ali Aguerbi, MRGM, Integra Mohammad Reza Shahyar Mona Bahiani Monica Burns Monika Dillschneider Monique Agius, Journalist Moritz T Moussa Hammoud Muriel Marondel Mussie Zerai, Fr. Dr.,Habeshia Agency Naomi Mebus Nasim Al-Aswad Natalia Padrón Natasha Mifsud Nathalie Grima Nathalie Vella Neal Marchuk Nefertiti Bikin-kita Negar Bajoghli Nehemie Bikin-kita Nele Feuchter Nicholas E Brough, Grand Valley State University Nick Ebejer, Moviment Graffitti, MGRM Nick Morales Niels Kropp Nikita Cassar Nikolaj Lubnow Nina Marie Scerri Nina Monsen Nina Musumeci Noel Agius Noelle Pellowski Norbert Mresch Nouha Fokeladeh Olivia Siino Onur Dincer Ozgun Topak, York University Canada Patricia Risiott Patricia Stilon Paul Galea, Spark 15 Paul Torpiano Paula Grünwald Pauline Muscat Per Schjerven Peter Azzopardi Philip Pisani Pia Gaffron, Asylum Counseler Pia Zammit Pietro Bartolo, Member of the European Parliament Pippa Zammit Cutajar Priscilla Cassar Rachael Smyth Rachel Radmilli Ragnhild Aasland Sekne Ragnhild Slettner, Mestringsguiden Ragnhild Steinstø Raimo Kangasniemi Rajpreet Sandhu Ragnhild Sodeland Rafel Grima, Moviment Graffitti Ramona Degabriele Ramona Lenz, medico international Ramona S. Randi Fredriksen Randi Pedersen Raymond Calleja Rebecca Bonello Ghio, The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation, European Federation of Journalists Rebecca Cremona Rebecca Micallef Rebecca Muscat Rebecca White, International Secretariat, Amnesty International Rebekka Scholz Rebecca Theuma Regina Prade Reine Kabban Renate Øyum Reshad Jalali, ECRE Rhiannon Kniffka Riccardo Reitano Richard Vella Ritianne Ellul Robert Attard Robert Camenzuli Robert Hall Roberta Spiteri, The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation Roberto Bosi Roberto Debono Robin König Robyn Vella Roger van Egmond Ronja Bußmann Rose Osarumwense Rossann Delia Ruben Neugebauer, Co-founder of Sea-Watch Ruth Felice Ruth Mifsud Ruth Runge Ryan Dalli Ryan Falzon Saadya Windauer Sabine Loch Sabrina Borg Safia Kihal Sam Fenech Samantha James Samira Cruciani Samira Hänska Samuel Mallia Samuel Vella Samuel Zammit Sandra Haufe Sandra Mifsud Sandro Mezzadra, University of Bologna Sara Benkhiye Sara Seydi Sara Zingariello Sarah Jayne Scicluna Sarah Farrugia Sarah Ghose Roy Sarah Grech, University of Malta Sarah Sciberras Sarianna Mileski Sascha Girke, Iuventa Saskia Bricmont, Member of the European Parliament Scarlett Stafrace Seana Vella Selua Gárate Seraina Ellen Sergio Gatt Sevan Roggensinger Seyma d'Anjou, Volt Malta Shaun Grech, The Critical Institute Sheena Vella Sidonia Gnahoua Sidsel Haga Sigi Schaefer Signe Myklebust Sigrid Schulz-Zimmermann Silvaine Dalli Simon Deguara Simone Borgstede, Ph.D. Siri Blesvik Sissel Haveland Siv Bråthen Skaug-Andersen Sonia Marcantonio Sonja Johansen Sönke Wandhoff Sophia Igel Sophia Regli Sophia Schlicker Sophia Soares Sophie-Anne Bisiaux Sophie Adler Sophie Bonnici Sophie Koch Stacy Debono Stefan Schütz Stefania Pancrazi Stefanie Krammer Stefanie Thoma Stella Kwarteng Stephanie Cutajar Stephen Cachia Steve Bonello Steven Xuereb Haber Stine Braseth-Ellingsen St George’s Parish Archpriest, Gozo Sunny Meadows Susan Basford Susanna Trifiletti, UCC Susanne Mullis Susannah Mondini Susanne Zimnoch Suzan Ilcan, University of Waterloo Sven-Erik Hennum-Johnsen Sylvia Lepski Tais Yanez Tamam Abusalama Tamara Alalmai Tamara Fina Tamino Böhm Tania Buttigieg Tara Cassar Tareq Alaows, #LeaveNoOneBehind Teal Patterson Teresa Piacentini, University of Glasgow Thea Rees Theresa Müller Thijs Reuten, Member of the European Parliament Thomas MacGowan Thomas Stutz, Grand Valley State University Thomas Zake Till Jung Tina Braxton, Retired Historian and member of Moviment Graffitti Tina Mifsud Tina Urso Tineke Strik, Member of the European Parliament Tinus Ritmeester Tom Franken Tom Kippenberger Tom Scheltwort Tone Bratteli Tonje Folkestad Tony Abela Torstein Dahle, Red Party Bergen Torun Lucassen Tove Nicolaisen Tracey Sammut Tracy Porter Trine Falch Trond Rasmussen Tuva Smedstad Uche Akpulu Ulrike Tangermann Uta Falkenhein Uwe Simon Valeriy Retyunin Vanessa Bonnici Verbena Bothe Veronica Preus Veronika mercieca Veronique Caruana Vibeke Bull-Tornøe Vibeke Wærn Victor Vella Torca, Editor Victoria DeBattista Victoria Mifsud Vincent Heidemann Vincienne Soler Vivian Brattsti Sørensen Waleed Alhweeshel, International Students Association / The Third Eye Waltraud Eisenträger-Tomcuk Wiebke Micallef Eynaud Wilfred Hildonen Wilhelm Pfiffer William Grech, Kopin Wolfgang Jungheim Xiane Sierocka-Stock Yana Mintoff, Association for Justice, Equality and Peace Yapha Kimmons Yaricay Carrillo Scherer Yolanda-Natania Vassallo Young G Kay, Artist, AISO records Yvanka Fiorini Zoe Camilleri Zoe Mizzi